Navigating Newborn Essentials

There’s no doubt, these are overwhelming times. And for anyone with a newborn or expecting one soon, doubly so. As a first-time mom, I hope my experience can help alleviate at least part of that equation. Leading up to Nolan’s arrival, my weekends were spent toggling between countless product reviews and recommendations, only to find … Continue Reading

Under Wraps: My Breastfeeding Journey

Last week, I put away my breast pump for the last time. And I cried. My breastfeeding journey was anything but smooth: 10 weeks of almost-exclusive pumping mixed with a handful of guilt-tinged nursing sessions, topped off with formula. Sounds messy, right? It was. Blood, sweat and tears isn’t even an exaggeration – it was … Continue Reading

Now Sporting: 6 Athleisure Faves

Life lately looks a lot like yesterday’s leggings and a comfy fleece jacket – quite the departure from my former uniform consisting of high-waisted black jeans and a blazer. While I’ve always embraced athleisure for weekend errands, and dare I say it, actually working out, my new love of loungewear is admittedly a product of … Continue Reading

17 Hospital Bag Essentials You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

At 34 weeks pregnant, I tackled one of the most important milestones of the third trimester: packing your hospital bag. As a first-time mom and someone who has been teased for over-preparedness pretty much all my life, honing down my packing list was overwhelming to say the least. Mommy-baby matching PJ/swaddle sets, feminine supplies for … Continue Reading

Nolan’s Big Debut

Despite all the forecasting, guessing and planning, babies have a funny way of defying expectations and arriving on their own timeline. That couldn’t have been more true in my case as we awaited the arrival of our baby boy just over six weeks ago. Rewind to December. My 37-week ultrasound made it clear that our … Continue Reading

Hi, I’m Back.

It’s only in retrospect that I’ve been able to process how these milestones have shaped me, and how I can be a resource to those about to embark on them, too.

Presidio // Chicago

This Saturday night, I found my dream apartment. It comes with exposed brick walls, golden light fixtures worth more than my car and a full service kitchen and bar. Not to mention a living room set up complete with navy tufted sofas and coffee table succulents. The spot: Presidio Chicago, a Bucktown-area lounge that’s unfortunately not taking renters’ applications. They do, … Continue Reading

Beyoncé’s Lemonade

What’s sour and sweet and leaves you thirsty for more? Beyoncé’s Lemonade, the superstar’s sixth solo album, which dropped Saturday after a one-hour world premier on HBO. Lemonade is spiked with a distinct taste of vengeance — one that we’re not used to hearing so loud and clear from the artist who brought us feel-good anthems like XO, … Continue Reading

Spotlight On: Samantha Jayne

Have you ever pondered the meaning of life within the three walls of your cube? Does your Instagram feed range from post-college sorority squats to engagement announcements and friends’ new babies? Are you considering an existential crisis because of the gap between your expectations and reality for what life would be like in your 20s? … Continue Reading

Emojis: A Cultural Shift to Modern Hieroglyphics

Warning: this is not quiz, nor is this a listicle. In an ironic twist, this post will require you to read full sentences about a massive cultural shift toward the written picture, a.k.a the emoji. How fluent are you? If you’re 18, I’d bet that emoji is basically your first language. Your captions need nothing … Continue Reading