FOMO (Fear of missing out). Because according to your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram feeds, everyone is doing something awesome right now (even if they aren’t).

Sundays. Because the next day is Monday. And five days of deadlines, meetings and the feeling like you need to stop and reevaluate your life make you nauseous. #SundayFunday

Your desk job. Because now your pants are tighter and your cortisol levels are higher. Cool.

Your rent. Because it makes your bank account look so…empty.

The holidays. Because you have to spend money that you didn’t budget for in the 11 months prior. You also realize how much more fun Christmas was when you were five. Hey Santa, remember me? I miss you.

Birthdays. Because it’s scary getting old. (Thanks for that, Lorde. Btw you’re 15.)

The gym. Because planning to go after work is a great idea until something (anything) better comes up.

Setting #goals. Because you’re not sure whether to base them on a squad, relationship or life in general.

Dating. Because Grouper doesn’t really count.

…Dating. Because people in the Real World do not come with background checks…which can be terrifying for multiple reasons.

Getting dressed in the morning. Because thanks to your desk job, and resulting struggle to hit your 10,000 daily steps, certain options are now off-limits. And despite multiple reports that leggings should not be worn as pants, you’re running late and leggings have never seemed like a more perfect option right now.

Hangovers. Because you were warned that you would not always be able to drink like a fish and be fresh as a daisy all within 12 hours. And right now you’re paying for it with a headache that rivals a 10.0 on the on Richter scale. Cheers.

Sleep. Because you never get enough even though you sleep five times more than you did in college. And you’re ten times more tired than you were in college.

Laundry. Because Mom lives so far away…and going back home to visit with three duffel bags filled with dirty clothes just doesn’t seem acceptable anymore. Probably because it isn’t.

Grocery shopping. Because you don’t have the time or arm strength to haul everything you need (or want) back home.

Vacation. Wait…what vacation?

Wedding season. Because every weekend is wedding season.

Bars. Because the older you get, the more unsure you are of where you belong. Is this an underage establishment? A post grad hangout filled with depressed 23 year-olds pretending like they’re still in college? Or worse…a post grad hangout filled with depressed 30 year-olds pretending like they’re still in college?

Friends. Because you don’t all live in the same hometown or 1 mile radius on campus anymore. True friendship takes effort.

Family. Because there are days when you just need a hug from your mom or dad. But then there’s this strange internal conflict you feel because you’re unsure if you should miss your family this much. You’re in your twenties and supposed to be independent and strong. But you’re also human.

You know what makes it all better? The realization that you’ve got a whole generation of twenty-somethings feeling your feelings. You’re not alone.

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